Student Opportunities

North Bay Farm Veterinary Services is seeking veterinary students to join our team to help build and foster relationships between and the students, faculty, and staff of veterinary schools.

Student opportunities in Petaluma, CA

Learning Opportunities with Dr. Scott Cantor

Externships are an invaluable experience and are an essential component of the veterinary curriculum. Dr. Cantor gladly welcomes students who are actively enrolled in a DVM program for externships.

Must be enrolled in a veterinary program (DVM or equivalent) in the US or abroad. Students must provide proof of professional liability insurance. Externships are limited to a two-week period for students within the US. Students must provide their own coveralls (at least 3 pairs) and a clean pair of boots. Most meals will be covered by the veterinary practice. Please note: Student housing is not currently available at this time. Refer to AABP for student externship grant opportunities at

Students will be responsible for assisting Dr. Cantor with his daily herd work, sick animal work, surgeries, and after-hour emergency visits. Students may be asked for assignments during their stays such as work on DC305 and other exercises to improve their skills as developing veterinarians.