Llama & Alpaca Services

Learn more about our llama and alpaca services below.

Llama & Alpaca Services

Sick Animal Work

Llamas and alpacas are not ruminants, they are camelids. They have slightly different needs and are prone to unique ailments. We are prepared to help you with your sick llama or alpaca.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

We offer fast and accurate trans-abdominal pregnancy diagnosis.


Let us help you develop a vaccination plan so that your animals are healthy and protected year-round. If it is your first time vaccinating your animal, we are happy to show you how you can do this yourself.

Health Certificates

For travel, shows, rodeos, exhibitions, and more we provide health certificates. Generally, health certificates take 3-5 business days to prepare and are valid for 30 days after inspection. Please refer to the health certificate form located on the ‘Resource’ page for all the required information. Expedited same-day health certificates are available.