Backyard Animal Services (Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Pigs)

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Backyard Animal Services (Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Pigs)

Sick animal work
For sick animals, we always start with a thorough physical exam. If necessary we run further diagnostics like bloodwork, urinalysis, and ultrasound to determine a diagnosis. We always follow up with our clients following treatments in order to monitor success. If the disease was preventable we make sure to educate our clients on how to prevent it from happening in the future.
Elective surgery

When undergoing a surgical procedure we take all necessary precautions to ensure your animal is safe. We believe that all animals should be provided with excellent pain management following surgery. We often will use a combination of local anesthetic and long-acting pain relievers so that your pet remains comfortable throughout recovery. Typically we also will provide an antibiotic, and sometimes use antitoxin to prevent infection from occurring.

Common surgeries we perform are:

  • Castrations
  • Scrotal ablations
  • Cosmetic dehorn
  • Hernia repair
  • Entropion surgery
  • Mass removals
Vaccinations and Maintenance
  • Vaccinations
    • Let us help you develop a vaccination plan so that your animals are healthy and protected year-round. If it is your first time vaccinating your animal, we are happy to show you how you can do this yourself.
  • Hoof Trimming
    • It is important to regularly hoof trim. If you have never hoof trimmed your animal before we would be happy to show you how to do it yourself. For certain species, we can do this under safe sedation.
  • Deworming and Fecal testing
    • In order to determine the intestinal parasite burden of your herd or flock, we need to periodically conduct fecal egg counts on the herd. We will set up a deworming program that will minimize the level of parasite resistance.
Emergency Services
  • Obstetrical procedures
    • It is difficult to know when to call the vet during a calving, kidding, lambing or farrowing. Generally speaking sheep and goats give birth in about 20-30 minutes with 15 minutes added for each additional lamb or kid. Farrowing can take up to four hours. It takes about 15 minutes for each piglet. If a pig is pushing without progress for 30 minutes, please contact us.
    • C-Sections, Kiddings, Lambings, Sow Dystocia,
  • Surgical procedures
    • Laceration repairs, Hernia repairs, Entropion surgery
  • Euthanasia
    • Unfortunately, there are times when an animal is severely ill, injured, or suffering. In these instances the only humane option is euthanasia. We strive to make this experience as easy as possible to allow your animal to pass peacefully.